HistoMetrix is an advanced histology analysis software designed to simplify image processing and analysis for biologists and pathologists. Powered by the most advanced deep learning technology, HistoMetrix enables you to effortlessly uncover valuable insights and visualize results without the need for extensive technical expertise. Let’s explore the key features that make HistoMetrix the ultimate solution for histology analysis.

HistoMetrix leverages cutting-edge deep learning technology to streamline and simplify image processing for histology analysis. You can easily navigate through complex datasets, detect and analyze tissue structures, and extract meaningful information with just a few clicks. Research use only.


HistoMetrix combines advanced deep learning technology with cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal histology analysis software for biologists and pathologists. With HistoMetrix, effortlessly uncover valuable insights, visualize results, and simplify image processing, all while enjoying significant cost savings compared to other solutions. Benefit from affordable pricing plans, no expensive hardware requirements, and no need for costly training programs. HistoMetrix streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and provides efficient analysis tools, allowing you to save valuable time and resources. Experience the cost-effective solution for histology analysis and accelerate your research with HistoMetrix.

HistoMetriX for image analysis of histology slides

The Incucyte® Base Analysis Software provides a guided interface and purpose-built tools, which include the process of acquiring, viewing, analyzing and sharing images of living cells.

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Relate is a correlative software package optimised to work with EM, EDS, EBSD, & AFM data and images.  It provides the tools you need to correlate data from different microscopes, visualise multi-layered data in 2D and 3D, and conduct correlative analyses.

  • Combining data from different imaging modalities (e.g. AFM, EDS & EBSD)

  • Interactive display of multi-layer correlated data

  • Analytical tools for metadata interrogation

  • Documented workflows and processes


  • Import data from AZtec using the H5oina file format
  • Import AFM data
  • Correlate both sets of data using intuitive image overlays and image matching tools
  • Produce combined multimodal datasets


  • 2D display of multi-layered data
  • 3D visualisation of topography combined with AFM material properties, EM images, and EDS & EBSD map overlays
  • Customisation of colour palettes, data overlays, image rendering options, and document display
  • Export images and animations


  • Generate profile (cross section) views of multimodal data
  • Measure and quantify data across multiple layers
  • Analyse areas via data thresholding using amount of x-ray counts, phase maps, height, or other material properties.
  • Select an extensive range of measurement parameters
  • Export analytical data to text or CSV files
Relate analysis workflow example

Voxelytic-Align is a commercial software provided as a service on cloud targetted to electron microscopy reconstruction (alignement, artifact correction...)


Machine Learning made easy

APEER ML provides an easy way to train your own machine learning
models and segment your microscopy images. No expertise or coding required.