A workflow is a set of components assembled in some specific order to 1. Measure and estimate some numerical parameters of the biological system or 2. Visualization for addressing a biological question. Workflows can be a combination of components from the same or different software packages using several scripts and manual steps.

ASTEC stands for Adaptive Segmentation and Tracking of Embryonic Cells. It proposes a full workflow for time lapse light sheet imaging analysis, including drift/motion compensation before the segmentation itself, and the capacity to correct for it.  It was used to process 3D+t movies acquired by the MuViSPIM light-sheet microscope in particular.

Astec embryon

Voxelytic-Align is a commercial software provided as a service on cloud targetted to electron microscopy reconstruction (alignement, artifact correction...)

Lecture Bio-image analysis, biostatistics, programming and machine learning for computational biology at the Biotechnology Center, TU Dresden, 2021

Thie lecture is for Python beginners who want to dive into image processing with Python. It specifically aims for students and scientists working with microscopy images in the life sciences. We start with python basics, dive into descriptive statistics for working with measurements and matplotlib for plotting results.