Voxelytic-Align is a commercial software provided as a service on cloud targetted to electron microscopy reconstruction (alignement, artifact correction...)


webKnossos is an open-source data sharing and annotation platform for tera-scale 2D and 3D image datasets.

The core features of webKnossos are:

  • fast 3D data streaming
  • share links to specific locations in the data
  • uniquely fast skeleton annotation (flight mode) and
  • efficient volume annotation
  • mesh rendering
  • collaboration and sharing tools

webKnossos facilitates image analysis workflows on multi-terabyte datasets, including visualization of raw and multi-modal microscopy data, distributed training data generation and proof-reading of automatic segmentation.

As a scientific resource, webknossos.org serves as a database for published image datasets including their annotations.





Viv is a JavaScript library providing utilities for rendering primary imaging data. Viv supports WebGL-based multi-channel rendering of both pyramidal and non-pyramidal images. The rendering components of Viv are provided as Deck.gl layers, facilitating image composition with existing layers and updating rendering properties within a reactive paradigm.

Rendering a pyramidal, multiplexed immunofluorescence OME-TIFF image of a human kidney using additive blending to render four image channels into a single RGB image in the client.

Web based application for deep learning cell classifier . Aim to replace cellprofiler analyst and advanced cell classifier . Under construction. 

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Deep learning-based segmentation of cells, both fluorescence, and bright-field images ("a generalist algorithm for cellular segmentation"). The tool can be used either online or local or via notebooks (e.g. ZeroCostDL4Mic).

How to use it

cellpose can be used online via ready-to-use Jyupyter notebooks with very good documentation. These notebooks are listed here.

Local Installation

The general local installation procedure can be found here.

... Installing to Silicon Mac (M1 processor) needs some tricks, and as of October 2021, the following sequence of commands works. numba should be conda-installed before pip-installing the cellpose.

conda create --name cellpose python=3.8
conda activate cellpose
conda install numba
git clone https://github.com/MouseLand/cellpose.git
cd cellpose
pip install -e .

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