Image correction

Image correction is the removal of aberrations originating from the imaging instrument, lighting, or sample.

Instrument aberration correction
Image pre-processing
Image preprocessing

ZeroCostDL4Mic: exploiting Google Colab to develop a free and open-source toolbox for Deep-Learning in microscopy

ZeroCostDL4Mic is a collection of self-explanatory Jupyter Notebooks for Google Colab that features an easy-to-use graphical user interface. They are meant to quickly get you started on learning to use deep-learning for microscopy. 

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BaSiC is a software tool for Background and Shading correction of Optical Microscopy Images. It implements an image correction method based on low-rank and sparse decomposition to solve both shading in space and background variation in time. It can correct temporal drift in time-lapse microscopy data and thus improve continuous single-cell quantification. BaSiC is available as a Fiji/ImageJ plugin.


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A BaSiC Tool for Background and Shading Correction of Optical Microscopy Images

This plugin converts all occurrences of red in a red/green image with magenta, effectively replacing it with a magenta/green merge.

Note: the plugin completely ignores the blue channel, and replaces it with a copy of the red channel.

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Preprocessing step for high-density analysis methods in super resolution localisation microscopy: it aims at correcting artefacts due to these approaches with based on Haar Wavelet Kernel Analysis.