Bio Image Analyst

Measures wound-healing assay videos, 

 For each video, the velocity and the order parameter are analyzed in time and space to extract quantitative parameters characterizing the cell motility phenotype. The different conditions (videos) can then be classified according to these parameters.


Bio Image Analyst

"we propose a novel automatic 3D neuron reconstruction algorithm, named Rivulet, which is based on the multi-stencils fast-marching and iterative back-tracking. The proposed Rivulet algorithm is capable of tracing discontinuous areas without being interrupted by densely distributed noises." 

This plugin can be used with default parameters or with user-defined parameters (Fully or semi-automated)


Clus-Doc is a software that quantifies both the spatial distribution of a protein as well as its colocalization status. It may be used to quantify signaling activity and protein colocalization at the level of individual proteins.


DIPimage is a MATLAB toolbox for scientific image processing and analysis build on the DIPlib image library. It is a tool for teaching and research in image processing. Most operations are independent of dimensionality, and are defined for any data type that MATLAB can store. Many functions are available through a GUI, which makes them more accessible to novices.