It implements the template matching function from the OpenCV library. The java interface of OpenCV was done through the javacv library. It is quite similar as the existing template matching plugin but runs much faster and users could choose among six matching methods: 

1.Squared difference

2.Normalized squared difference


4.Normalized cross-correlation

5.Correlation coefficient

6.Normalized correlation coefficient

The detailed algorithms could be found here.

The cvMatch_Template will search a specific object (image pattern) over an image of interest by the user-specified method. 

Pyxit segmentation model builder


This is a learnable segmentation algorithm based on ground-truth images and segmentation mask. It learns a multiple output pixel classification algorithm. It downloads from Cytomine-Core annotation images+alphamasks from project(s), build a segmentation (pixel classifier) model which is saved locally. Typical application: tumor detection in tissues in histology slides. It is based on "Fast Multi-Class Image Annotation with Random Subwindows and Multiple Output Randomized Trees" and was used in "A hybrid human-computer approach for large-scale image-based measurements using web services and machine learning"

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Segmentation illustration