FPBioimage is a volumetric visualization tool which runs in all modern web browsers. Try the tool yourself at our example site here.

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SimpleITK provides a simplified interface to ITK in a variety of languages. A user can either download pre-built binaries, if they are available for the desired platform and language, or SimpleITK can be built from the source code. Currently, Python binaries are available on Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux and Mac OS X. C# and Java binaries are available for Windows. We are also working towards supporting R packaging.

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ZEN and APEER – Open Ecosystem for integrated Machine-Learning Workflows

Open ecosystem for integrated machine-learning workflows to train and use machine-learning models for image processing and image analysis inside the ZEN software or on the APEER cloud-based platform

Highlights ZEN

  • Simple User Interface for Labeling and Training
  • Engineered Features Sets and Deep Feature Extraction + Random Forrest for Semantic Segmentation
  • Object Classification workflows
  • Probability Thresholds and Conditional Random Fields
  • Import your own trained models as *.czann files (see: czmodel · PyPI)
  • Import "AIModel Containes" from arivis AI for advanced Instance Segmentation
  • Integration into ZEN Measurement Framework
  • Support for Multi-dimensional Datasets and Tile Images
  • open and standardized format to store trained models
ZEN Intellesis Segmentation

ZEN Intellesis Segmentation - Training UI

ZEN Intellesis - Pretrained Networks

ZEN Intellesis Segmentation - Use Deep Neural Networks

Intellesis Object Classification

ZEN Object Classification

Highlights Aarivis AI

  • Web-based tool to label datasets to train Deep Neural Networks
  • Fully automated hyper-parameter tuning
  • Export of trained models for semantic segmentation and AIModelContainer for Instance Segmentation
Annotation Tool

APEER Annotation Tool