Spark Stitcher


Reconstruct big images from overlapping tiled images on a Spark cluster.

The code is based on the Stitching plugin for Fiji




TeraStitcher is a free tool that enables the stitching of Teravoxel-sized tiled microscopy images even on workstations with relatively limited resources of memory (<8 GB) and processing power. It exploits the knowledge of approximate tile positions and uses ad-hoc strategies and algorithms designed for such very large datasets. The produced images can be saved into a multiresolution representation to be efficiently visualized (e.g. Vaa3D-TeraFly) and processed.



The BigStitcher is a software package that allows simple and efficient alignment of multi-tile and multi-angle image datasets, for example acquired by lightsheet, widefield or confocal microscopes. The software supports images of almost arbitrary size ranging from very small images up to volumes in the range of many terabytes, which are for example produced when acquiring cleared tissue samples with lightsheet microscopy.



SlideToolkit is a collection of command-line tools to assist with the automated histology analysis of whole-slide images. The publication linked in the "reference" details the actual workflow. 

This includes tools to organize the data, perform tiling and subsequent batch processing of the generated tiles in a cell profiler pipeline. All the tools are designed to run on a single PC or on a HPC system. The scripts in the toolkit are on github under MIT licence.

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