BIIGLE is a web-based software for image and video annotation that enables collaborative research on large datasets. It offers tools for manual and computer-assisted annotation, quality control and the collaboration on custom taxonomies to describe objects. BIIGLE is freely available and can be installed in cloud environments, a local network or on mobile platforms during research expeditions. The public instance on biigle.de is free for non-commercial use.


CellStich proposes a set of tools for 3D segmentation from 2D segmentation: it reassembles 2D labels obtained from cell in slices in unique 3D labels across slices. It isparticularly robust to anisotropy, and is the ideal companion to cellpose 2D models or other 2D deep learning based models. One could also think about using it for cell tracking by overlap (using time as a third dimension).


ELEPHANT is a platform for 3D cell tracking, based on incremental and interactive deep learning.
It implements a client-server architecture. The server is built as a web application that serves deep learning-based algorithms. The client application is implemented by extending Mastodon, providing a user interface for annotation, proofreading and visualization.

from https://elephant-track.github.io/#/v0.5/?id=_5-proofreading

btrack is a Python library for multi object tracking, used to reconstruct trajectories in crowded fields. btrack implemented a residual U-Net model coupledd with a classification CNN to allow accurate instance segmentation of the cell nuclei. To track the cells over time and through cell divisions, btrack developed a Bayesian cell tracking methodology that uses input features from the images to enable the retrieval of multi-generational lineage information from a corpus of thousands of hours of live-cell imaging data.

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Open source deep learning based framework for multi-animal pose tracking. It can track animal and any number of animals and has a labeling/training GUI for learning and proofreading.

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