Geometrical transformation


Calculates and corrects for lens-distortion models including chromatic abberation from confocal stacks.


EBImage provides general purpose functionality for image processing and analysis. In the context of (high-throughput) microscopy-based cellular assays, EBImage offers tools to segment cells and extract quantitative cellular descriptors. This allows the automation of such tasks using the R programming language and facilitates the use of other tools in the R environment for signal processing, statistical modeling, machine learning and visualization with image data.

EBImage is available through the Bioconductor software project ( Strengths Lightweight Suitable for automated, scripted analyses All functions are documented with examples Modular links to R and Bioconductor software, notably imageHTS and cellHTS2 Community support via the Bioconductor mailing list Reproducible (image) analysis using the Sweave report-writing system


A Java Package for Geometrical Image Transformation, works up to 5D.

  • Affine
  • Crop
  • Embed
  • Matrix
  • Mirror
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Translate
  • Turn