MoNuSeg - Multi-organ nuclei segmentation challenge

Submitted by LThomas on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 12:07

The dataset for this challenge was obtained by carefully annotating tissue images of several patients with tumors of different organs and who were diagnosed at multiple hospitals. This dataset was created by downloading H&E stained tissue images captured at 40x magnification from TCGA archive. H&E staining is a routine protocol to enhance the contrast of a tissue section and is commonly used for tumor assessment (grading, staging, etc.).


QuPath is open source software for Quantitative Pathology. QuPath has been developed as a research tool at Queen's University Belfast.


SlideToolkit is a collection of command-line tools to assist with the automated histology analysis of whole-slide images. The publication linked in the "reference" details the actual workflow. 

This includes tools to organize the data, perform tiling and subsequent batch processing of the generated tiles in a cell profiler pipeline. All the tools are designed to run on a single PC or on a HPC system. The scripts in the toolkit are on github under MIT licence.

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