QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications. with the goal of helping the pathologists to diagnose in an easier way. QuantCenter, is optimized for whole slide quantification. It has a linkable algorithm concept that tries to provide an easy-to-use and logical workflow. The user has different quantification modules that he or she could link one after other to fine-tune or to speed up the analysis.

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ASAP is an open source platform for visualizing, annotating and automatically analyzing whole-slide histopathology images. It consists of several key-components (slide input/output, image processing, viewer) which can be used seperately. It is built on top of several well-developed open source packages like OpenSlide, Qt and OpenCV but also tries to extend them in several meaningful ways.

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Adiposoft is an automated Open Source software for the analysis of adipose tissue cellularity in histological sections.

Example data can be found on the plugin description page in ImageJ wiki (download link). There is also a link to a MATLAB version of the workflow.

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DensitoQuant is a simple and fast, yet effective tool for IHC measurements. It measures the density of immunostain on the digital slides by distributing pixels to negative and 3 grades of positive classes by their RGB values. DensitoQuant is especially suitable for quick TMA evaluation. Analyzing a whole digital slide takes only a couple of minutes.