performing automatic registration for CLEM


This is an example workflow of how to perform automatic registration by

- first detecting spots in both images using wavelet segmentation (with different scale according to the image scale)

- second using Ec-Clem autofinder to register both images

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Workflow results

ICY batch pixel density measurement


For each ROI, provides the ratio of pixels over a given threshold over the total number of pixels in the ROI.

ICY Median filter via ImageJ


This protocol perform a median filter on the active sequence using the ImageJ rank filter plugin. Then, it converts the result back into Icy for display.

An example showing passing data between ICY and ImageJ using ImagePlus object. 

Track cell intensity


Tracks a cell in a 2D video using active contours, and produces a list of ROI where intensity is measured and reported into a workbook. The cell must be first delineated with a ROI in the first image of the video.

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Batch spot detection with custom output


Download the protocol,use and modify in Icy. It permits to detect spot with wavelet spot detector block. Input : loop on a folder Outputs: excel, binary, and detection screenshot

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Find cells using nuclear and membrane fluorescence


This protocol first extracts the cell nuclei from a given fluorescence channel (full labeling), and grows a contour from each nucleus to extract the cell edge in another fluorescence channel (membrane-labeling).