Gaussian Blur 3D (ImageJ)


Performs 3D Gaussian blurring.

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The freely available software module below is a 3D LoG filter. It applies a LoG (Laplacian of Gaussian or Mexican Hat) filter to a 2D image or to 3D volume. Here, we have a fast implementation. It is a perfect tool to enhance spots, like spherical particles, in noisy images. This module is easy to tune, only by selecting the standard deviations in X, Y and Z directions.

IJ Macro command example

run("LoG 3D", "sigmax=1 sigmay=1 sigmaz=13 displaykernel=0 volume=1");

ICY Median filter via ImageJ


This protocol perform a median filter on the active sequence using the ImageJ rank filter plugin. Then, it converts the result back into Icy for display.

An example showing passing data between ICY and ImageJ using ImagePlus object. 

Mahotas / Convolution


mahotas.convolve(f, weights, mode='reflect', cval=0.0, out={new array})

Convolution of f and weights

Convolution is performed in doubles to avoid over/underflow, but the result is then cast to f.dtype. This conversion may result in over/underflow when using small integer types or unsigned types (if the output is negative). Converting to a floating point representation avoids this issue:

c = convolve(f.astype(float), kernel)
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