VascuSynth is an ITK-based synthetic image generator. It synthesizes volumetric images of vascular trees and generates a .gxl file of the ground-truth tree structure. VascuSynth receives a number of .txt configuration files and is capable of generating both ground truth ('ideal') images and images with added noise. The user is capable of choosing from a set simple noise additions and artefacts.

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CaPTk is a software platform for analysis of radiographic cancer images, currently focusing on brain, breast, and lung cancer. CaPTk integrates advanced, validated tools performing various aspects of medical image analysis, that have been developed in the context of active clinical research studies and collaborations toward addressing real clinical needs. With emphasis given in its use as a very lightweight and efficient viewer, and with no prerequisites for substantial computational background, CaPTk aims to facilitate the swift translation of advanced computational algorithms into routine clinical quantification, analysis, decision making, and reporting workflow. Its long-term goal is providing widely used technology that leverages the value of advanced imaging analytics in cancer prediction, diagnosis and prognosis, as well as in better understanding the biological mechanisms of cancer development.