Wound healing assay: analysis in ImageJ

Stuart J Gallagher
William J Ashby
Fabrice P Cordelières
Lionel Larue
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Supported image dimension
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This macro was designed to measure the size of the scratch wound in a wound scratch assay. It uses an edge-detection and thresholding technique.

It will batch process all images in a directory. Images captured by time-lapse should be compiled into stacks using a tool similar to "Metamorph nd & ROI files importer (nd stack builder)" by Fabrice P. Cordelières. Images to be analyzed should be placed in one directory (Source Directory). A second directory should be created to save results files and images (Destination Directory). Setting correct Lower and Upper thresholds is important to obtain a good result. Two macros are available, one using edge detection, the second one using background subtraction.

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