Dendritic Spine

two-photon images of dendritic spines

Submitted by Perrine on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 11:35

Raw data of three types of dendritic spines imaged in biphoton (mushroom, tubby, thin spines).

Hippocampal neurons from mouse organotypic slice cultures 


If you use this dataset , please cite

M. U. Ghani, F. Mesadi, S. D. Kanik, A. O. Argunsah, A. Hobbiss, I. Israely, D. Unay, T. Tasdizen, and M. Cetin, "Shape and appearance features based dendritic spine classification," Journal of Neuroscience Methods.


We propose to use a kernel density estimation (KDE) based approach for classification. This non-parametric approach intrinsically provides the likelihood of membership for each class in a principled manner. The implementation was used in Ghani2016. Any papers using this code should cite Ghani2016 accordingly. The software has been tested under Matlab R2013b.


Sample Data: Annotated two-photon images of dendritic spines