Napari: n-dimensional Python image viewer

Recent years have shown a diversification of commonly used platforms for specific sub-domains of image analysis. Among the currently actively developed projects, napari has taken the stage as a versatile and powerful platform for the analysis of high-dimensional (3D, time-lapse) image data.
The napari ecosystem is continuously being developed and provides a high modularity in the form of the napari plugin system. The plugins provide an easy, standardized platform to give users access to advanced methods of bio-image analysis available in an interactive fashion. Moreover, since napari is tightly linked to the Python framework, it is possible to use the napari functionality directly from Python code. This circumvents the need to learn platform-specific macro programming languages and allows users to additionally benefit from the vast existing resources for Python programming.
This workshop targets life-scientists working with microscopy data who want to learn about improving and automating their analysis. Experience with Python is beneficial, but not strictly necessary. The workshop will dwell on three general topics: The napari viewer and its components, image analysis workflows and interactive data exploration.
After the workshop, users will be able to navigate and use napari plugins as well as create custom image analysis workflows.

Johannes Soltwedel
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Johannes Soltwedel
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