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Quantification of HER2 immunohistochemistry. ImmunoMembrane is an ImageJ plugin for assessing HER2 immunohistochemistry, described in [bib]2472[/bib]. It is important to read the URL documentation and original paper to understand how to use the plugin appropriately. There is web service available. Users can upload image data to process them and get cell membrane to be segmented: [Web ImmunoMembrane]() Note also that the *pixel size* is not read automatically from the image, but rather the *source image scale* should be entered into the dialog box - and the image rescaled accordingly prior to analysis. This scale value is the *inverse* of the value normally found for *pixel width* and *pixel height* under *Image -> Properties...* (i.e. pixel width & height are given in microns per pixel; the dialog box asks for pixels per micron).
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