Rick Seifert
Sebastian M. Markert
Sebastian Britz
Veronika Perschin
Christoph Erbacher
Christian Stigloher
Philip Kollmannsberger
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This Fiji plugin is a python script for CLEM registration using deep learning, but it could be applied in principle to other modalities. The pretrained model was learned on chromatin SEM images and fluorescent staining, but a script is also provided to train an new model, based on CSBDeep. The registration is then performed as a feature based registration, using register virtual stack plugin (which extract features and then perform RANSAc. Editing the script in python gives access to more option (such as the transformation model to be used, similarity by default. Images need to be prepared such that they contain only one channel, but channel of ineterst (to be transformed with the same transformation) can be given as input, and Transform Virtual Stack plugin can be used as well.

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