DNA MicroArray Image Processing Case Study


In this case study, MATLAB, the Image Processing and Signal Processing toolboxes were used to determine the green intensities from a small portion of a microarray image containing 4,800 spots. A 10x10 pattern of spots was detected by averaging rows and columns to produce horizontal and vertical profiles. Periodicity was determined automatically by autocorrelation and used to form an optimal length filter for morphological background removal. A rectangular grid of bounding boxes was defined. Each spot was individually addressed and segmented by thresholding to form a mask. The mask was used to isolate each spot from surrounding background. Individual spot intensity was determined by integrating pixel intensities. Finally, integrated intensities were tabulated and saved to a data file for subsequent statistical analysis to determine which genes matter most.

3D intensity profile


This Javascript works in ImageJ to measure 3D intensity profile along cylindrical space with variable radius.

ICY batch pixel density measurement


For each ROI, provides the ratio of pixels over a given threshold over the total number of pixels in the ROI.

Track cell intensity


Tracks a cell in a 2D video using active contours, and produces a list of ROI where intensity is measured and reported into a workbook. The cell must be first delineated with a ROI in the first image of the video.

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Protein Micro-array Analysis


This macro performs measurements of average and standard deviation intensity inside wells of a protein microarray (the number of wells is limited to 250, the image should be cropped for larger arrays). The macro requires the "ImageJ plugins toolkit". To ensure compatibility with Fiji you should download the version 1.6.1The installation instructions can be found here, it only consists in un-compressing the .jar file from the previous archive to Fiji plugins folder.


sample image: link

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Analyzing gels and western blots with ImageJ


It explains how to use ImageJ to compare the density (aka intensity) of bands on an agar gel or western blot.

Some notes can be found here: http://cellnetmcweb.bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de/image-analysis/ShortTutorials/Fiji_GelAnalyzer.pdf