ADAPT is capable of rapid, automated analysis of migration and membrane protrusions, together with associated
fluorescently labeled proteins, across multiple cells. ADAPT can detect and morphologically profile filopodia.

ADAPT (Automated Detection and Analysis of ProTrusions) is a plug-in developed for the ImageJ/Fiji platform to automatically detect and analyse cell migration and morphodynamics. The program provides whole-cell analysis of multiple cells, while also returning data on individual membrane protrusion events. The plug-in accepts as input one or two image stacks and outputs a variety of data. ADAPT may also be run in batch mode.


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The workflow includes segmentation, tracking and quantifying morphological dynamics of moving cells in 3D. The authors have implemented the workflow in Matlab, but so far there is no download link provided. To apply this workflow, we recommend to contact the authors or to implement the worflow based on the detailed description in the original paper.

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