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VAST (Volume Annotation and Segmentation Tool) is a utility application for manual annotation of large EM stacks.

General labeling tool, used for a large variety of 3D data sets; electron-microscopic, multi-channel light-microscopic, and Micro-CT data sets as well as videos, and annotating arbitrary structures, regions and locations, depending on the user’s needs.


The ICP algorithm takes two point clouds as an input and return the rigid transformation (rotation matrix R and translation vector T), that best aligns the point clouds. Example: [R,T] = icp(q,p,10); Aligns the points of p to the points q with 10 iterations of the algorithm. The transformation is then applied using R*p + repmat(T,1,length(p)); The file has implemented both point to point and point to plane as well as a couple of other features such as extrapolation, weighting functions, edge point rejection, etc.

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