Protein array is used to analyze protein expressions by screening simultaneously several protein-molecule interactions such as protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. In most cases, the detection of interactions leads to an image containing numerous lines of spots that will be analyzed by comparing tables of intensity values. To describe the observed different patterns of expression, users generally show histograms with the original associated images [1]. The “Protein Array Analyzer” gives a friendly way to exploit this type of analysis, thus allowing quantification, image modeling and comparative analysis of patterns.

The Protein Array Analyzer, which was programmed in ImageJ’s macro language, is an extention of the Dot Blot Analyzer, [2], [3] a graphically interfaced tool that greatly simplifying analysis of dot arrays.


This macro performs measurements of average and standard deviation intensity inside wells of a protein microarray (the number of wells is limited to 250, the image should be cropped for larger arrays). The macro requires the "ImageJ plugins toolkit". To ensure compatibility with Fiji you should download the version 1.6.1The installation instructions can be found here, it only consists in un-compressing the .jar file from the previous archive to Fiji plugins folder.


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