Hanslovsky Philipp
Leite Vanessa
Saalfeld Stephan
Pietzsch Tobias
Günther Ulrik
Bogovic John
Nunez-Iglesias Juan
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GNU General Public License v2.0

Paintera is a general visualization tool for 3D volumetric data and proof-reading in segmentation/reconstruction with a primary focus on neuron reconstruction from electron micrographs in connectomics. It features/supports:

  •  Views of orthogonal 2D cross-sections of the data at arbitrary angles and zoom levels
  •  Mipmaps for efficient display of arbitrarily large data at arbitrary scale levels
  •  Label data
    •  Painting
    •  Manual agglomeration
    •  3D visualization as polygon meshes
      •  Meshes for each mipmap level
      •  Mesh generation on-the-fly via marching cubes to incorporate painted labels and agglomerations in 3D visualization. Marching Cubes is parallelized over small blocks. Only relevant blocks are considered (huge speed-up for sparse label data).

Paintera is implemented in Java and makes extensive use of the UI framework JavaFX

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