Interaction Level
A menu item in ImageJ that allows you to inspect a 3D stack with orthogonal views (XY, XZ, YZ planes). Slicing plane could be interactively moved by dragging crosses. Pedro Almada wrote a plugin to save the current orthogonal views as montage. ## ImageJ Macro Usages [Save orthogonal views | OrthoSaver](http://uic.igc.gulbenkian.pt/macros/OrthoSaver.ijm) >ImageJ's orthogonal viewer for 3D stacks doesn't let you easily save the current orthogonal view. This macro, once installed, lets users create a montage with the currently open orthogonal views and selection guides. To use it, open an image z-stack and open the orthogonal viewer. With the mouse, choose which are the sections of interest to you and without moving the mouse, press F2. You'll get a montage of the currently selected orthogonal view.
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