ImageJ Plugin LineageTracker

Downey MJ, Jeziorska DM, Ott S, Tamai TK, Koentges G, Vance KW, Bretschneider T.
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## Short Summary Quote from the plugin page: >LineageTracker offers an ImageJ based framework which is easily extendible and has the capability to track cell lineages while being specifically designed to handle large cell displacements between frames. The methods are designed for fluorescent cells and have been used to analyse Schizosaccharomyces pombe, C2C12 mouse stem cells or migrating RPE cells. This tool also allows flexible cell segmentation and extendable in all aspects. The webpage is detailed with usage from ImageJ macro. Rather than being simply a component, the plugin is indeed a framework with set of components. ## Misc info A tip from the plugin author in ImageJ mailing list (08.Sep.2015): > We have an additional script to export only a selected range of frames. I can send you that if you think LineageTracker is something for you. To be on the safe side I would try it with an older version of ImageJ. We have experienced some problems, mostly related to Java. Java 8 seems to fix most of it. ## References 2630: Application example. 2631: Plugin Paper.

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