This workflow will batch process a directory of images: - comets should be horizontally oriented, tails to the right. Additional preprocessing is required if the gel does not match with this orientation (Rotate images, Using ImageJ/Transform Image or TransformJ plugin for example). Then using the plugin:

  1. Uneven background correction
  2. Automatic detection of comet shapes with outliers detection
  3. Automatic detection of the heads of comets (brightest region or profile analysis)
  4. Statistical values of tails, heads and Olive moments.
  • Manual correction is available.
  • Does live analysis with Micro-Manager


This is a simple example of a DNA damage assay using single cell gel electrophoresis. Here, the measurement of interest is the length and intensity of the comet tail. Also, illumination correction is used to reduce background fluorescence prior to measurement. Also shown is a silver-stained comet example in which the percentage of DNA contained in the tail is calculated.

Example Images: Packaged together with the cellprofiler pipeline file. 


It explains how to use ImageJ to compare the density (aka intensity) of bands on an agar gel or western blot.

Some notes can be found here: http://cellnetmcweb.bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de/image-analysis/ShortTutorials/Fiji_GelAnalyzer.pdf