A workflow is a set of components assembled in some specific order to 1. Measure and estimate some numerical parameters of the biological system or 2. Visualization for addressing a biological question. Workflows can be a combination of components from the same or different software packages using several scripts and manual steps.

Customizing ImageJ

These slides give an introduction to user interfacre customization in ImageJ using ImageJ Macro and to ImageJ Macro Markdown.

Big thanks to Jerome Mutterer (IBMP) and Nicolas De Francesco (IMBICE) who shared material openly I reused when making these slides.

Supplementary material is available as well under this doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4561714


The tool exports rectangular regions, defined with the NDP.view 2 software (hammatsu) from the highest resolution version of the ndpi-images and saves them as tif-files.

Click the button and select the input folder. The input folder must contain pairs of ndpi and ndpa files. The regions will be exported to a subfolder of the input folder names zones.

has topic
has function
imagej toolset to export regions from ndpi and ndpa-files

Phindr3D is a comprehensive shallow-learning framework for automated quantitative phenotyping of three-dimensional (3D) high content screening image data using unsupervised data-driven voxel-based feature learning, which enables computationally facile classification, clustering and data visualization.

Please see our GitHub page and the original publication for details.