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ISE-MeshTools is a software designed by Renaud Lebrun, from the university of Montpellier II. ISE-MeshTools is a system for the processing and editing of series of 3D triangular meshes. The system provides a set of tools for editing, positioning, deforming, labelling, measuring and rendering sets of 3D meshes. Features include: • Retrodeformation for un-deforming fossils/deformed specimens • Point and curve primitives for placing the exact type of landmark points you’re interested in • Easy to use 3D interface for positioning and manipulating sets of surfaces and landmark primitives • Mesh tagging, labelling and colouring (to allow for the creation of anatomy atlases) • Mesh scalar computation and colouring (based upon curvature/thickness etc...) Lebrun, R., ISE-MeshTools, a 3D interactive fossil reconstruction freeware., 12th Annual Meeting of EAVP, Torino, Italy ; 06/2014

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