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# Summary VolViewer is used for viewing volume images from, for example, confocal microscopy or optical projection tomography # Features * Real-time volume rendering using an optimized 3D texture slicing algorithm. * Interactive transfer functions to independently adjust opacity and intensity for up to three data channels. * Real-time per channel thresholding, brightness and contrast operators. * On-the-fly gradient computation for local illumination. * Iso-surface computation with surface smoothing. * Section viewing in any orientation / position. * Real-time volume clipping. * 3D measurements, filters & segmentation. * Key frame interpolation for movie export. * Stereo rendering using either quad buffer or anaglyph mode. * Scripting interface to other systems, e.g. Matlab, OMERO, etc. # Project Status * Not supported anymore # Source code * [Source code](https://github.com/ut666/VolViewer "GitHub repository")

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