MIPs for PSFs


The macro generates orthogonal projections from bead images along the lateral and axial dimensions which are displayed using a customized look-up-table to color code intensities. A Gaussian curve is fit to the intensity profile of a fluorescent bead image and full-with-at-half-maximum (FWHM) values are extracted, and listed next to theoretical values for comparison. 



PSF Lab is a software program that calculates the illumination point spread function of a confocal microscope under various imaging conditions. It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows and in 64-bit for Mac.

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3D PSF estimator


This ImageJ plugin creates high resolution PSF images by averaging many bead im- ages as well as exploiting the assumption that the point spread function is rotationally symmetric with respect to the axial axis (z-direction).

PSF Generator


PSF Generator is a software package that allows one to generate and visualize various 3D models of a microscope PSF. The current version has more than fifteen different models.

3D diffractive models: scalar-based diffraction model Born & Wolf, scalar-based diffraction model with 3 layers Gibson & Lanni, and vectorial-based model Richards & Wolf, and Variable Refractive Index Gibson & Lanni model.

Defocussing a 2D lateral function with 1D axial function: the available lateral functions are: "Gaussian", "Lorentz", "Cardinale-Sine", "Cosine", "Circular-Pupil", "Astigmatism", "Oriented-Gaussian", "Double-Helix".

Optical Transfer Function generated in the Fourier domain: Koehler simulation, defocus simulation.

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