Zebrafish larvae - Widefiled/Brightfield

Submitted by LThomas on Mon, 04/29/2019 - 12:22

Datasets originate from internal test runs at ACQUIFER on the Imaging Machine (see also application note on "The ACQUIFER PlateViewer: A tool for visualizing high content screening data and supervised feedback microscopy")

The datasets contain images acquired from 96 Tg(wt1b:EGFP) embryos at 3 dpf aligned in agarose cavities generated with 3d printed orientation tools (Wittbrodt, Jonas N., Urban Liebel, and Jochen Gehrig. "Generation of orientation tools for automated zebrafish screening assays using desktop 3D printing." BMC biotechnology 14.1 (2014): 36.):

- 2x, 4x, 10x views

- for each well (e.g. A001) a multi-color z-stack was acquired, with  N z-slices (SLNNN) in two channels: BF (CO6) and GFP (CO3)

Example file name containing metadata: -A001--PO01--LO001--CO3--SL001--PX32500--PW0100--IN0100--TM281--X014580--Y011262--Z210710--T0200256066--WE00001.tif

Used also as benchmark dataset for Multi-Template Matching by Thomas, LSV and Gehrig, J

See implementation in Fiji https://github.com/LauLauThom/MultipleTemplateMatching

and in KNIME https://github.com/LauLauThom/MultipleTemplateMatching-KNIME

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