Worm Toolbox: High.throughput screening of C. elegans

Carolina Wählby
Lee Kamentsky
Zihan H Liu
Tammy Riklin-Raviv
Annie L Conery
Eyleen J O'Rourke
Katherine L Sokolnicki
Orane Visvikis
Vebjorn Ljosa
Javier E Irazoqui
Polina Golland
Gary Ruvkun
Frederick M Ausubel
Anne E Carpenter
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This toolbox is a unique collection of workflow templates for high-throughput screening. 4 different workflow templates are presented in the documentation linked below.

..A toolbox for high-throughput screening of image-based Caenorhabditis elegans phenotypes. The image analysis algorithms measure morphological phenotypes in individual worms and are effective for a variety of assays and imaging systems. This WormToolbox is available through the open-source CellProfiler project and enables objective scoring of whole-worm high-throughput image-based assays of C. elegans for the study of diverse biological pathways that are relevant to human disease.

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