Angiogenesis Analyzer for ImageJ



The "Angiogenesis Analyzer" allows analysis of cellular networks. Typically, it can detect and analyze the pseudo vascular organization of endothelial cells cultured in gel medium

...a simple tool to quantify the ETFA (Endothelial Tube Formation Assay) experiment images by extracting characteristic information of the network.

The outputs are network feature parameters.

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An easy to use, image analysis software package that enables rapid exploration and interpretation of microscopy data.




IMOD is a set of image processing, modeling and display programs used for tomographic reconstruction and for 3D reconstruction of EM serial sections and optical sections. The package contains tools for assembling and aligning data within multiple types and sizes of image stacks, viewing 3-D data from any orientation, and modeling and display of the image files.

Included are two programs with graphical interface: 3dmod, for displaying and segmenting 2D images and 3D volumes; etomo, for reconstructing tomographic volumes from tilt series of images.

Processing can be distributed on multiple cores and executed in batch mode.




ITK is an open-source, cross-platform system that provides developers with an extensive suite of software tools for image analysis.

Developed through extreme programming methodologies, ITK employs leading-edge algorithms for registering and segmenting multidimensional data. It is widely used and contributed in the medical imaging field.


Highly optimized C++, well commented Consistently updated (new) algorithms many tools and softwares are built upon it connected with VTK Insight Journal (open code and sample data) Extensive list of examples & tutorials


yet detached from the bioimage analysis world hard to use for end users without development skills