HDF5 plugin for Fiji and ImageJ


HDF5 is a data format for storing extremely large and complex data collections. This Fiji/ImageJ HDF5 plugin saves and loads 2D - 5D datasets with flexible options.

In Fiji, the plugin is downloadable via update site "HDF5".



A utility macro for the specified use of BioFormats plugin. Takes a folder of proprietary images formats (Zeiss zvi, lsm, czi or Nikon nd2) and extracts them to .tif images

The extracted images are located in a folder defined in the menu. Other options: reset spatial scales, reads ROIs, split channels, add stage position in the name.

note: The old name of the macro was "ZVI Extractor" and the data format was limited to ZVI, but the upgraded version includes more formats.

Requires Bio-Formats plugin

LIF Projector


This macro is similar to the LIF_Extractor, but it will output Z-projection of each Z-stack. You can choose the type of projection in addition to the other options. Requires Bio-Formats plugin

has function

LIF Extractor


This macro extracts .lei and .lif multichannel Z-stacks into multiple .tif stacks, splitting the channels into different stacks. Several options are possible such as background substraction, various filters, or optional reset of spatial scale. Requires Bio-Formats plugin



OMERO is a free, open source image management software. It is client-server based system which supports 5D images, including big images and high-content screening data. Data are stored on a server using relational database. They are accessed using 3 main clients, a desktop client, a web client and a command line tool. There are bindings from OMERO to other image analysis packages, like FLIMfit, OMERO.searcher. The data in OMERO are organized in groups. A user can be a member of one or more groups. This groups can be collaborative or private, there are 4 levels of permissions to access/edit/annotate/delete the data of other users.

The package is supported not only by community forums, but also by a dedicated team which helps users to solve their problems and deals with the bugs submitted via error submission system.


Open source, scalable software, Supports diverse sets of imaging applications and domains (EM,LM, HCS, DigPath) Cross-platform, Java-based application, API support for Java, Python, C++, Django, On-line Forums, Automatic QA and upload of software errors Multi-dimensional images, Web access, Free Demo-server accounts


Enterprise-scale software, so complex install, requires expertise, Actively developing API, Python scripts and functions still developing


OMERO.insight client


OMERO is an image database application consisting of a server and several clients, the most important of which are the web client and Insight java application.

Metadata are extracted from images that have been imported (either using the Insight client, or directly from the filesystem), and this is accessible for search. A standardised hierarchy of Project > Dataset > Image in which image thumbnails can be viewed, combined with group membership, tagging, and attachment of results and other files gives a powerful framework for organising scientific image data. Images can also be analysed server-side or client-side within the base OMERO application or one of its many extensions.

OMERO has APIs for extension in multiple languages: java, python, C++ and MATLAB; and such extensions have easy access to the image data and metadata in the database

3View import list


The purpose of this plugin is to create a text file with a list of files from Gatan’s 3View montage image stacks. This text file can then be used to automatically import all the images into TrakEM2, as they are, stored in the original directories.