CompuCell3D is a flexible scriptable modeling environment, which allows the rapid construction of sharable Virtual Tissue in-silico simulations of a wide variety of multi-scale, multi-cellular problems including angiogenesis, bacterial colonies, cancer, developmental biology, evolution, the immune system, tissue engineering, toxicology and even non-cellular soft materials. CompuCell3D models have been used to solve basic biological problems, to develop medical therapies, to assess modes of action of toxicants and to design engineered tissues. CompuCell3D intuitive and make Virtual Tissue modeling accessible to users without extensive software development or programming experience.

It uses Cellular Potts Model to model cell behavior.

Colony Blob Count Tool


Count bacterial colonies on agar plates and measure the occupied surfaces. The user has to provide a selection (roi) of the area that will be analyzed. He can than run the segmentation and if necessary correct the results. In a third step he can run the counting and measurement.

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