Panoramic Viewer

Interaction Level

When opening the Pannoramic Viewer you see all of your virtual slides in thumbnail view. Selecting one (or up to 10 at a time) the slide gets under the virtual objective of the virtual microscope. Here you can move and change the magnification of the slide quickly and easily using the mouse. Emphasizing 'quickly' is important considering the fact that the size of an average virtual slide can easily be more than 1 GB.


Main characteristics:

  • Seamless zooming and moving of the virtual slide
  • Bookmarking (annotating) on the spot, i.e. defining the specific part of the sample by drawing; finding and reading of previously made bookmarks
  • Easy and precise measurements
  • Real-time changing of brightness, contrast and color bias
  • Fluorescent slide handling, separate channel view & pseudo-colorization
  • Slide uploading and downloading for teleconsultation
  • Synchronized viewing (moving and zooming) of multiple slides for comparison purposes
  • Publication quality image capture of displayed areas (.JPG, .BMP, .TIFF)
  • TIFF, MIRAX slide and Meta-XML export for Carl Zeiss AxioVision™ compatibility
  • Scanmap export for rescanning existing digital slides
  • Easily expandable functionality via the software modules
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