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The forum focuses on software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, particularly (but not limited to) image analysis, processing, acquisition, storage, and management of digital scientific images.

The primary objective is to foster independent learning for everyone in the community.

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Originally a panel-discussion during the NEUBIAS2020 conference in Lisbon 2017, Call4Help has since evolved to its current form:

A website bringing together members of the (Bio-)Image Data Scientist community and life-sciences to present their problems and share their suggested solutions.

Here you can present your case, see other presentations and share your thoughts and hints. You can also find information about upcoming Call4Help events and how to take part in them.

Example of cases here.

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You are developer, you need sample data to test your algorithm? Watch here.

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BISE general discussion (about the webtool, tagging etc...)

2 2 By ckyprianou 3 years 8 months ago
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Request for missing features in BISE (or bug reports)

1 1 By LThomas 4 years 8 months ago
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Did you loose your password? Are not able to edit your own entries or to correct the description of a software that you know very well but is already tagged?

Please ask here!

2 5 By LThomas 4 years 3 months ago