Hang Xiao
Hanchuan Peng (http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3478-3942)
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"Results: We developed all-path-pruning 2.0 (APP2) for 3D neuron tracing. The most important idea is to prune an initial reconstruction tree of a neuron’s morphology using a long-segment-first hierarchical procedure instead of the original termini-first-search process in APP. To further enhance the robustness of APP2, we compute the distance transform of all image voxels directly for a gray-scale image, without the need to binarize the image before invoking the conventional dis- tance transform. We also design a fast-marching algorithm-based method to compute the initial reconstruction trees without pre-com- puting a large graph. Thismethod allows us to trace large images.We bench-tested APP2 on ~700 3D microscopic images and found that APP2 can generate more satisfactory results in most cases than sev- eral previous methods."

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